B. (superbabysimba) wrote in vampiremovies,

Lestat and Jesse = officially fucked up (Liar / Comatose / Scared)

I didn't know it was always so official! As even the producer agrees! Anyway, the production screwed up but they won't admit it really. Thatt's the beginning and the end of it. Of the book-to-film-adapting all in all as well as that Lestat/Jesse bs. This is quotes from the producer, my comments, and songs and clips. The quotes are from Warner Bros's Queen of the Damned web site's F.A.Q.

Marius and Lestat = father and son.

If you don't understand how could I say all that I say in this vid - please check the website refered to in the end. (http://hiddenkiss.net/lestatjessehate.php)

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