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Lost Boys The Thirst Caps

Look out! First time Capper!

4303 caps that are ... full image size is 1280x800 but since it's printscreen the actual movie still is around 995x410 or so. All in a lovely 136 mb zip pack... 

Oh, Please to Note: I am aware that the file name itself (after you unzip the rar) is called "Fresh Caps". They are LB3 The Thirst. I named it that to separate it on my hard drive from some older screen captures for a review and humorous edits.

Because I like doing things the hard way.... hehe no... my decompiler hates full length movies and I have no video editor to split it, so praise the gods for Gadwin Printscreen 3.1, which automatically saves the image to a file for me so I can cap as it plays. Eventually I settled into a rhythm of 1 cap every second. I did go back and re-cap parts of the opening scene once I worked it out.

I did go through them to check for errors, like if I hit crtl F12 to quickly the processing box would appear in the image or in at least one pic that I caught and deleted half a frame was covered by a frame from a full minute earlier. Sorry if I didn't catch em all.

Link 1: | The Thirst Caps .rar File

Link 2: Here's the link to the individual image folder...  Google Docs | Thirst Caps Folder

Link 4: The rar zip at  Google Doc page/download: Google Docs | Thirst .rar Folder

Some Cropped Preview Pics:

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